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I blogged before about my Prescription for Living and gave you my first few nuggets with a promise of more. So here are some more…

Top Ten Things I Would Want as My Legacy

Obviously this is as much do as I say not do as I did, but I hope you get the drift. It is verging on the vomit-inducing trite sayings you see on cards and stuff, for which I apologise as it therefore makes me sound smug – as if I have the answers. I ceratinly don’t and have got and still get so much wrong all the time. As anyone who knows me will attest to. But if I did have some tips and some insights, things I have sometimes learnt the hard way, then  these are what they would be.

  1. People make the world go round – enjoy them in all their shapes, sizes, views and abilities. The vast majority of people are trustworthy and good. Everybody has strengths and talents – just some are harder to find than others.
  2. Always assume people want the best for you. It is depressing believing people are against you and will become a self-fulfilling prophecy as you become bitter and twisted.
  3. Ask for help when you need it – most people enjoy feeling needed (as long as you are pulling your weight too, not just dumping crap on them).
  4. Praise others freely. It’s not a competition. If you make people feel good about themselves they are more fun to be around.
  5. Have a good time. Enjoy yourself whenever you can. At work, at play, at home.
  6. Most things will work out OK in the end. Don’t anticiapte disaster at every step, but deal with it if and when it arrives. It often just misses. You can waste numerous hours worrying about something that never happens. .

Family Jaegerbombing. The bonding experience.

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