In 2006 we spent a fantastic weekend in Warbleswick to celebrate the Maynards’ birthdays. Another excuse for an Ode! I can’t help myself sometimes. No one asked me to do it, but I insisted. Whether they wanted it or not. To be honest, I’m really not sure that they enjoyed it, but at least it was quite a short one so over in a couple of minutes. The need to know for this one is that one of Ian’s catchphrases as he says goodbye  is “Always a pleasure, never a chore’.

Ode on the occasion of Ian and Christine’s 50th Birthdays

In April 1956

Two storks flew keen and eager

One dropped his load in the far North east

The other in Tredegar.

The Geordie lass worked hard at school

Was sporty and athletic

The Valleys boy was more concerned

His barber was pathetic.

And so he’d go to Cardiff,

For coiffure a la carte

I think that’s where the love of style

And Brand began to start.

A – level stress beset them both,

But both did try their best –  er

And luck would have the two would meet

At campus there in Leicester.

Now student life was gay and fun,

And then came graduation

They both set off  to London town,

The far south of the nation

They had it tough the first few years,

Crap neighbours, not much dough,

Then came the  gifts of boy girl boy

Or Tim, then Hel then O

We’re here to toast your milestone

You’ve reached a golden age,

Where pension books loom large as life

You can’t read a single page

You are perfect party people,

Mixing charm with warmth and wit

With loyalty , integrity and

Taking no bullshit

So here’s to Ian and to Christine,

We couldn’t love them more,

They really are a pleasure,

And never once a chore.

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