If you can’t do it well, at least do it quickly

The trials and tribulations of freelancing mean sometimes I am meant to be in two places at once. But this afternoon I ended up being in neither, having left one client to go to another, only to be told the materials wouldnt be ready for review  till next week.. So home to the office where the joys of tinterweb allow me to continue working without having to schlepp back to a client.

Then up to Covent Garden for a leaving do – a small band of 8 of us saying farewell to one off home to SA, and one to a new job in the same company. Easy night in a buzzy pizza place but quiet enough we could hear ourselves speak. Accompanied a country cousin to the tube station as she didn’t klnow where she was (Covent Garden to Charing Cross) and soon I was home and not wrecked. An unusal combination for me.

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