An unspoken Ode

September 21, 2015

Going back to ma roots mon!

Going back to ma roots mon!

Here’s one I didn’t actually perform. We went to a surprise birthday party and all had to wear tartan to celebrate his Scottish roots. I brought the Ode with me but there were plenty of videos and speeches from others that marked the occasion perfectly. But anyway, here it is, never to be heard!

Ode on the Occasion of Hugh’s Birthday

And so we are all gathered here,

To raise a glass or two,

To celebrate the birthday of

Our friend, the lovely Hugh

He’s from a land of great cuisine

White pudding porridge oats,

Stovies, cloutie dumpling

A wee dram to clear your throats

The dress sense is impeccable

Real men wear kilts with pride

And if we girls are lucky we

Get a flash of bare backside

But Hugh has been in London now

For more than half his life

He’s got three brilliant children

And the most fantastic wife

He is charming, he is witty,

He is loyal, he is kind,

He’s hardworking, he is generous

A Scottish diamond –what a find!

We can’t believe he’s sixty

It surely can’t be true

He looks no more more than twenty five

Our friend, the lovely Hugh

So charge your glasses, raise them high,

We give thanks to both of you

And wish the birthday boy the best

Our friend, the lovely Hugh.


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