Am loving the fact that the NHS information on body piercing uses ‘shot glass’ as an alternative to the traditional ‘egg cup’ in an effort to ensure its readers understand what kind of volume they are talking about.

“You can do this by submerging the area in a clean jug or bowl containing a saline solution (1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per egg cup or shot glass of warm water) for a few minutes at a time.”

Is this a sign that the nation no longer knows what an egg cup is or don’t have access to one, whereas shot glasses are universally available in every home ?




Meeting a Uni mate after work we wanted a central venue to drink,eat and relax in. I thought Dishoom as I love it but you can’t book and it’s quite a speedy affair rather than the leisurely chin wag I was envisaging. So hubby suggested Tredwell’s, literally across the road from Dishoom on Upper St Martin’s Lane. And I wasn’t disappointed. We arrived early and perched at the bar where I drank., yes you’ve guessed it, gin and tonic. Sipsmiths as you’re asking. And perfect it was too.  

Then we transferred to diner style  table with couchettes and settled in for the evening with attentive service and a tempting menu. We chose the Tredwell’s platter to share as a starter – pork sliders, chorizo relish and sticky chicken wings which were gloriously tasty. My main of a burger ( surprise!) was nice and soft in a brioche bun and we finished off with gorgeous salted caramel truffles and a Caribbean coffee. Ok I admit only I had the Caribbean coffee and my sensible mate had non alcoholic decaff. 

It’s a great place to meet pre or post theatre or, like us, just to meet. Easy ambience, good food, good service and alcohol on tap. What’s not to love? 

Mistress America.One Star

August 15, 2015

Friday night and nothing in the diary meant emergency drills came in to action. Hubby booked us in to see a film with great reviews and on at the Gate – one of those civilised cinemas where you take take your wine inside and it’s still in a real glass not plastic.

After a lovely meal at Granger and Co – lots of interesting ingredients and punchy flavours – we settled in to our seats to watch Mistress America –  a “quirky comedy drama” about an 18 year old student, new to New York who meets up with a 30 year old Manhattanite who is about to become her step-sister.

Nothing about this film rings true. I don’t believe or care about either character. The student looks nearer 30 than 18 and although well acted, the dialogue is so desperately trying to contrive our reactions that it loses any veracity. It’s trying to be deep and meaningful about relationships but comes across as something written by someone who doesn’t really understand how they work – none of it hits home for me. And it also purports to be a comedy, yet falls short on that front too. An occasional smile, but no laughing moments. One star.


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