Why it’s important to drink before exercise

May 30, 2015

Best foot forwardI have gone to Saturday morning Step classes for years. Come rain, come shine. Currently it is the pre-choreographed Les Mills BodyStep.  And I love them. To be honest, any class that has a  “party track” is right up my street. Usually I am feeling pretty ropey at the start of the class after a hard night the night before, but gradually the alcohol is sweated out of me and by the end I feel great. But not today. Oh no. Today, Sarah “My body is a temple” Clarke was not hungover. And how fucking hard is BodyStep when you’re sober?? I shan’t be making that mistake again. I’ve obviously been doing it in a semi-pissed fugue up to now. And getting on just fine. Never realised it was so bloody tricky. But today I went arse over tit during the speed track. The one track where the step is at it’s lowest -to make it easier. Two stutters, across the step and back but my feet were unable to coordinate and managed to trip over the step and go flying. Smack on to my left buttock. Then I couldn’t get back in to the rhythm -my mind and feet were not communicating and I was all over the place.  Luckily only one more track to go and as it starts the instuctor shouts “Single, single, double” and I suddenly feel at home. Can’t think why.


3 Responses to “Why it’s important to drink before exercise”

  1. marmimag Says:

    HAHAHA !! only the best workouts are done on
    a hangover!

  2. gitchorama Says:

    State-dependent learning???? Please don’t go to a class before I see you Weds am!!!

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