Line ’em up barman!

January 22, 2015

Monday night we went to a Wine Society event in Merchant Taylor’s Hall in the City. A quiz – the format of which we were pretty much in the dark about, but assumed it would at least involve some tasting. And we were not let down. As hubby said “It’s not often you sit down with nine glasses of wine in front of each of you.”IMG_1502

ooh! 9 wines to go at!

ooh! 9 wines to go at!

Forty two teams of six (or five in our case due to last minute car crash -no serious injuries) all with these gleaming glasses of wine laid out in a beautiful triangle in front of each of us. And a proper amount in each glass. Not  miserly mouthful you get at tastings. No this was a full on glass of fizz and the others were a good few glugs each. Not that it helped us. We were pitiful in identifying the grapes, the country, the cost. But held our end up on the more random questions like “What’s the longest recorded flight of a champagne cork?” Actually we got that wrong (its 175 feet not the 125 we thought), but you get the idea; there were questions we at least had a chance of answering. And we did OK -17th, so just made it in to the top half of the table and we are all going to study hard and return next year and do better!

Being one member down we had 9 extra glasses of wine to share between the five of us and I bagged the champers somehow :). Old habits die hard. Then on to Jamie’s (much better food than the Westfield one) and home via Uber. A really fun night, well organised, fast paced and shedloads to drink. What’s not to love?


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