Islands at the Bush Theatre – two stars

January 21, 2015

I’m a supporter of the Bush Theatre and have seen some of the best shows there. Exciting, innovative, heartwrenching, brilliant. But Islands isn’t one of them unfortunately. It could be a  Sixth Form end of term review taking a pop at tax havens. But it doesn’t even really educate us on how tax havens work, what they are, why they are bad, let alone entertain us. It just says ‘shit’ alot, referring to Shit world and its Shitizens that they stare down on as they float above us with all the cherries. It is absurd and deliberately so – with the ‘God’ a Puck-like character and her two side kicks over the top camp cabaret artists. And the few musical interludes were a welcome diversion from the derision of Adam and Eve (the workers) who were not allowed to eat the cherries. It was half baked, well acted but with a poor narrative that no one could have rescued. Two stars, and even that may be generous.


One Response to “Islands at the Bush Theatre – two stars”

  1. Paul Goodman Says:

    Hi Sarah. Reading this, I wonder if you are interested in reviewing other theatre productions? Please do drop me a line if you would like to chat in more detail. Thanks!

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