Five reasons why hotdesking is not good for business morale.

January 13, 2015

  1. It wastes so much time. Every morning all hotdeskers have to unload the entire contents of a locker on to a desk space only to have to tidy it all away again every night. In a building with 1000 people that’s a lot of wasted hours. Every day. If we say, as a conservative estimate, it takes 5 minutes to pack up and tidy away and a similar time to unload and set up, thats 10 minutes a day per person. That’s 10,000 minutes in my mythical office of 1000. That’s 166.66 hours wasted every day. 833 every week, That’s over 100 8 hour days every single week. Wasted. Just because you can’t leave your stuff on your desk. Imagine what the company could do with that time.
  2. It wastes so much time. I can never find anyone as I can’t simply go to ‘their’ desk and see if they are in. As they might be sitting on an entirely different floor today. I can’t leave a small donut by way of thanks either.
  3. I don’t know anyone’s name. Now there aren’t nice little name plates by people’s desks I have no way of  cheating by having a sneaky look at their name plate when I’m talking to them.
  4. If you come in after 9 o’clock you have no chance of finding a seat in your area and you end up sitting miles away and eventually you realise you might as well be working from home. So you do and the company loses the benfit of your physical proximity and you lose the benefit of social interaction.
  5. Some people don’t actually hotdesk. They still have ‘their’ seat and no one dares to sit in it. And that just p*sses people off. If the company or going to make rules, we all need to follow them, or agree they’re not working and revert to all having our own desks.

7 Responses to “Five reasons why hotdesking is not good for business morale.”

  1. TU Says:

    There was an article published recently (Guardian — ??? — might be wrong about that) about open plan offices not even working; people work best at their desk in an enclosed office. It makes sense — just in terms of concentration and efficient routine. Sharing a desk with someone else isn’t an issue but giant open plan dehumanising matrices are depressing and distracting.

    • TU Says:

      Sorry — meant to write ‘sharing an *office* with someone else’… *not* a desk. (Tiring day!)

      • oh I agree. i hanker after the days when everywhere that I contracted gave me my own office. With a door I could shut. Or open if I was happy for free accessI
        It’s again a reason I wfh so much now – i can actually get stuff done!

  2. sjn62 Says:

    …but I’ll share your donut!

  3. sjn62 Says:

    Another reason…it wastes even more time…trying to find a desk to sit at in the first place, checking it’s not ‘reserved’ for someone who might be in soon, before you can even empty the locker, which is now on the other side of the building…

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