The Dinner Party Disaster

July 13, 2014

So last night we are having people round for dinner and split the meal so that hubby doing starters and I’m doing mains and pud. I’m thinking slow roasted lamb. Easy. slap the veg and wine in a casserole pot and job done. Made it before and works a treat.

As hubby is roasting tomatoes and will want a highish heat, I decide I will leave him the oven that I have been cooking the chocolate mousse cake in and use the second oven to slow roast the lamb. This is a new cooker and in fact I’ve never used the second oven before, but seriously, what can go wrong? It’s just a matter of turning a dial. Unfortunately when I go to take the lamb out just before the starters are served, I realise it is still raw. Despite having been in the oven for seven hours. Well, not completely raw, but even the surrounding carrots still weren’t cooked. We have six guests and no main course. I call hubby in from outside, trying to keep the hysteria out of my voice.

We transferred the lamb to the main oven whilst we tried to figure out what to do. Luckily on his Waitrose trip he had bought Sunday’s roast and it was beef. And in fact he’d bought two pieces for some  (still unexplained) reason. So we cut them in to smaller joints, turned the heat up full blast in the main oven and slammed them in. The roast potatoes were transferred to the second oven to keep warm. The green beans flopped limply in the pan, gently overcooking.

We sat down for starters, ate slowly and forty minutes later the beef was carved, the potatoes burnt and the green beans mush. But we served it anyway and our guests had to eat it. There was no other choice. I was drinking for England and trying to remove the carbonised potatoes from the dish. But there was no salvaging this meal. We could only apologise.

Still, this morning we thought that at least we have the lamb for today. But  no. Unfortunately it is still inedible as now it has been overdone by being blasted with the beef and being left in the cooling over overnight. Even the onions and carrots are black.



3 Responses to “The Dinner Party Disaster”

  1. t upchurch Says:

    Bridget Jones moments, we all have them. The trick is to serve a bowl of marmalade for dessert. xx

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Was that Jonny to the rescue Fanny; well done. I would have cancelled the main course, served egg and chips, drunk all the wine and cried.
    Memories of years ago when we had friends for dinner; during the starter I vomited, Main, Paul vomits, we only had 1 toilet. Friends all fine, so they carried on drinking, eating, washed up, look after kids, put us to bed. X

  3. Lorna Says:

    It sounds like quite a nice meal to me. I’m not a great lover of red meat but not being the cook in.our family,I’ll eat it if it is put in front of me. The more it resembles a charred silhouette the better. I was also brought up on soggy/overcooked vegetables.
    Well done on all your recovery skills though. You could have just both left your home when the lamb was discovered and booked into a hotel.That would have been another story……:0)

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