Things will work out

June 18, 2014

Had a lovely lunch with some friends the other day. Invited folk over and asked them to bring a bite and a bottle. And I didn’t coordinate suggest or organise what people brought. It was entirely their decision. Whatever they felt like bringing. I’ve done it before and yet again it worked incredibly well. Amazing really. The first time I did it I had a few texts and calls in advance asking what to bring, but I abdicated responsibility. “Whatever you like, honestly”, “Would a Greek salad be ok? ” ” Really, it doesn’t matter. Buy a packet of crisps or make a pavlova, I really really really don’t mind”. Because I don’t . I don’t care. If we had ten tubs of coleslaw and nothing else I would be happy. Partly because they would have all brought the aforementioned bottle as well, but also because we can send out for pizza if we need feeding. It is their company I want. Their tales, their laughter, their fun. The food is incidental. But incidentally it has always been fabulous. And bizarrely it has always worked out every time I’ve done it. Some bring starters nibbles, others mains, some sides and some desserts. Amazing. Or is it? In truth it is probably what we should expect rather than numerous identical dishes. But it does surprise me how well balanced the spread always seems. And so bloody yummy. One thing many of my friends have in common, is that they are good cooks. And there is a swapping of recipes and tips as we tuck in.
This time the sun shone on us and we enjoyed the new garden furniture. It’s a table and settee. Worked perfectly and I am so pleased with it. Especially as we’ve never had decent garden furniture before. And the day became evening and we kept going. Some left for their evening adventures and those like me who had no plans for the night continued to chat and drink and play the music louder. Ah how simple to enjoy the conversation and camaraderie. Friendship is a wonderful thing.


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