Incognito. Three stars.

June 12, 2014

I love the Bush theatre, and tonight was no exception. A fabulous intimacy for a wonderfully acted play, Incognito. I’m not sure what story it was trying to tell us and if there was an overacrhing narrative it went over my head, but the numerous vignettes by the four strong cast were engrossing, believable and enjoyable. They each play four or five characters with only accent changes to help us know who they are. And they were spot on. Some poignant, some funny, some intense. I could have watched a whole play about the lesbian couple who fired off each other brilliantly. But the theme is of memory, reality and self. How do they interconnect? What is real? Is there only now? Or at least, that’s as far as I’ve got in my understanding. It would probably be worth seeing again to try to work it out better. But the main enjoyment was the actors. Every one  spot on. Memorable. Three stars.


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