Another year older. None the wiser.

May 29, 2014

It’s a bit bizarre isn’t it how at the flick of a switch or stroke of midnight we are suddenly a whole year older than we were. We’re not of course, but that’s how it feels. And today I am feeling every inch my age. After a stonking night out to celebrate. Starting early at the Radio rooftop bar on the Aldwych where the Moet flowed like water. Well, no water flowed but you get the drift. We were tanking along at a cracking pace with minimal interruptions for food. Tapas-style nibbles. Not a good idea. We should have learned we don’t do tapas well in large groups as we always spend too much time drinking and minimal lining of stomachs to absorb it.

The bar has been open 18 months and we had lovely comfy sofas on the terrace and luckily there was plenty of outdoor heating to offset the unseasonal coolness in the air. It’s expensive and wants to be classy but really it’s more like an Ibiza beach bar than an exclusive venue. The staff are young and trained to continually greet and pour drinks, but the quality of the food was disappointing. So over to Axis Bar in One Aldwych where we ordered more bar food and champagne until we moved on somewhere buzzier. A pub I think (getting hazy now) and the jaegerbombs arrived and hey, be rude not to. I can’t remember much else about the place apart from it being dark, but a cab ride home with one daughter on the floor  sums it all up. At least it wasn’t me this time. So perhaps I am learning after all.


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