Good People. Nearly Four Stars.

May 28, 2014

Imelda Staunton can make me laugh and cry in equal measure and in this play she does both. But mostly cry. I feel for her. And am surprised when the audience laugh at parts I find traumatic. It’s probably me being oversensitive to  the injustice of life – and in this case the luck of the hand you are dealt – something that I find too many successful people somehow manage to ignore. Believing instead that they have created their own luck and those in less fortunate positions have somehow wilfully made bad choices and that is why they are in the situation they are in. The truth is usually a combination of both – getting a lucky break and then making the most of it.

I’m making this play sound ‘worthy’ and dour when it isn’t – it is entertaining, has a clear narrative and we feel for Margie, the main character. The first half sets the scene but it is the second half where the gloves come off and the real action happens. A single Mum with a disabled daughter living in the slums, she finds the one who got away is now a successful fertility doctor and she asks him to help her find a job. Inviting her to a party that gets cancelled, she turns up at his plush home and meets the young, black wife  (excellently played by Angel Coulby) and a brilliant scene ensues.

It’s not perfect,  and annoying American accents that could be done away with, but a classic West End drama played at a pace and executed well. A good night out. Nearly Four Stars.



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