Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake Five stars

May 4, 2014

Seen it before but so worth seeing again – the interpretation of the classic ballet that gives us vicious male swans rather than the pretty floaty sylphs we usually have. Sharp choreography, stunning sets and perfect costumes. Not to mention the wonderful score. And the leads were so physical, passionate and graceful. There seemed to be moments where the main guy was suspended in the air as he leapt. Breathtaking stuff.

And this time we’d had a pizza beforehand so there was an absorbent on board for the alcohol. But i was taking it steady. Still feeling frail from last night’s excesses, I moved on to beer when we settled in to Wimbledon Wetherspoons. Oh yes. I’m making a tour of them all. having never been in one till this year, I’ve now visited three different ones. This was the lairiest. With fat orange women with dyed blond hair and load voices shouting at each other. Bouncers continually circulating and police doing regular sweeeps.  It didn’t feel the nicest place to be, but perhaps all that security is reassuring. By the time we left there were people collapsed on to their tables.

But a fabulous minicab home to the tunes of the Motown greats and one of my mates singing her heart out. A great night.


2 Responses to “Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake Five stars”

  1. Edward Says:

    Sounds like a cracking evening! That show is the dream! What were your favourite moments?

    • You should so be in it.
      I think this time the guy playing the Swan was so physical and so incredible I was mesmerised by his dancing. It felt wild and passionate yet is controlled and precise. He swept me away every time he was on stage. I love the opening bedroom scene and the regimented choreography, and of course the swans are just brilliant and at times laugh out loud funny. But the Swan himself, especially when he danced with the Prince, had me welling up. And of course the final scene as the swans attack is a tear jerker. Oh there was so much . It was just great. But all of it knocked in to a cocked hat by your mother’s singing in the cab. That was the best bit of all Lol lol lol x

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