Handbagged. Four stars.

May 3, 2014

The play was our era to a tee. Mrs. T to be precise and her weekly audiences with the Queen. The set up is clever with young versions of the women being commented on by their older counterparts. “I did NOT say that.” or an aside about what she’d been really thinking. All conjecture of course as these meetings are notoriously private and so although the events they discussed were real, these conversations were mere suppositions. And all the funnier for it. Playing to our received wisdom about their relationship and executing their impersonations brilliantly. “Others” are played by two men who squabble over who plays Neil Kinnock and again narrate to the audience about what is going on.

Probably too long for me – I would have preferred a 90 minute straight through as it started to wear a bit thin, but definitely worth a trip if you remember Mrs T as PM. Four stars.

And then we stupidly met up with hubby and some work mates and before we knew it were singing along with the post show knees up that is the Players Bar. And drinking. And drinking. We’d  already polished off a bottle of wine at the theatre and here was more. And more. I didn’t feel too bad waiting for the cab. But as soon as we were on the open road I had to hang out of the window. A passenger in another cab asked me if I was OK as we waited at the lights. I hadn’t even the strength for conversation. I was just concentrating on breathing. And keeping it down. But eventually I knew there was no holding back and had to get the cab to stop. And sure enough. My guts turned inside out and emptied themselves. All over my shoes. Three large bouts of projectile vomiting spewed out over the road. Nice.



Today was probably the worst hangover I have ever had. I woke up still pissed. Took Nurofen, coffee and water but had to go back to bed. An hour later I tried Alpen with Crunchy nut cornflakes as a sugar boost. It helped slightly. But not enough. More Nurofen, a couple of paracetamol and some fizzy water later I am starting to feel more human. And looking forward to going out this evening for another trip to the theatre. It can’t happen two nights in a row can it?


6 Responses to “Handbagged. Four stars.”

  1. t upchurch Says:

    Bacon butty, my lovely. Hope you feel better now.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That’s the way, live life to the full and go with the flow…..?

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