Never Knowingly Non Sexist

March 29, 2014

I went to Waitrose and was looking for a baseball cap for a toddler in their clothes section, but there were none to be had. Instead they had various bucket hats. Ah, I thought there’s a fun one with sharks on or even better one with skull and crossbones. Our eldest (male) and youngest (female) always enjoyed a bit of pirateering. Those long plastic swords from the 50p shop were some of the best buys we ever made.  The middle (female) preferred to play Wendy from Peter Pan, but was not averse to dressing up as a rather glamorous pirate when she was older. However John Lewis appears to have other ideas. I picked up the hats and saw the label. “Boys.”  Who the hell says so?  This is 2014. Labelling them “Boys” is unnecessary and sexist – making small girls think that adventuring on the High Seas is not appropriate for them. They should stick to the pink polka dots.  Tell that to Ellen Macarthur.

Surely in this day and age hats do not need to be labelled for boys specifically? Surely it is up to us and them to choose which hat they’d like to wear for their next outdoor adventure. Come on JL – don’t reinforce outdated stereotypes.

Yes folks, this really is 2014

Yes folks, this really is 2014



6 Responses to “Never Knowingly Non Sexist”

  1. Carly Hill Says:

    I think you might also want to consider that Ellen MacArthur grew up in the cruel world where gender stereotyping was common place & she still managed to sail the world & fulfil her dreams.

  2. Carly Hill Says:

    Cut the label out and get over yourself. Surely as mother you’ve got better things to be focusing on. I think you need a little perspective as to what’s important it’s your job to teach your children the values you want them to grow up with not consumer companies.

    I think you’re being a little too precious. Sounds to me like a classic first world problem! I wonder what mothers in the 3rd world spend their time worrying about…

    • of course it’s a first world problem – and a top end one at that – i was in Waitrose after all. Ignoring stuff like this just perpetuates everyday sexism unnecessarily. And unlike the third world problems it is easy to fix.

  3. t upchurch Says:

    Still, it’s good that they advise us to keep our kids’ heads away from fire. Because, you know, otherwise…

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