How to Pay More and Get Less

February 15, 2014

So today I am bumbling round our local supermarket (Waitrose – “Ooh get me being so  lah-di-da”, but no. They are our closest) looking for routine supplies and I stumble across shelves full of empty jars.

No frills. Just jars

No frills. Just jars

What? Why would a supermarket sell empty jars. Or more correctly why would anyone BUY empty jars? Then I remember. I am in Waitrose. Home of the middle classes (self included) who don’t have to worry about a few pounds here and there. It’s less of “You look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves” and more “You look after yourself dahling and the masses can fend for themselves”

Anyway, in the ‘home cookery’ section with numerous shaped biscuit cutters, muffin cases and the like.All in pretty polka dots and pastel shades.  And these empty jars will be for the jam-makers. But not the ordinary jam makers like my husband who has made jam year in year out from his home grown blackberries. No, presumably these are the “I want to be a retro housewife/goddess/but most of all a fabulous Mummy” jam makers and the ” I  don’t care how much money I throw at it as long as I can post a pretty pic on Pinterest of my gingham topped, hand labelled jars and impress everyone so much they want to punch me.” jam makers. These empty, unadorned, stand alone standard screw top jars (made by Tala the icing people who no doubt think they are on to a good thing) are £2 or £3 each. Each. Yes each.

I was so taken aback I actually plodded to jams to find the standard own label jam comes in at 95p.

Under a quid

Under a quid

Even organic with a fancy quasi french look to it comes in at less than £2 and you get the jam in it already!waitrose 003

And remember. This is Waitrose – Tesco do one for 29p.

Tesco own label - 29p

Tesco own label – 29p

Why wouldn’t you just buy the jam and give away the contents rather than pay a premium for an empty jar? Some people astound me.


9 Responses to “How to Pay More and Get Less”

  1. Georgie Says:

    12 days without a blog! What’s going on!

  2. I beg jars from colleagues to fill with jam etc. rarely buy ( and Lakeland cheaper than Waitrose). Best form of recycling

  3. t upchurch Says:

    [Topples baby onto the floor, dashes over to utility to rinse last year’s tadpole debris out of the twelve quid’s worth of glassware on the window-ledge — the kids’ll can pond skim with old Flora tubs from now on. Meanwhile, home-made, gingham-clad lemon curd, anyone?]

  4. Lorna Says:

    Maybe they’re not for jam. Maybe they’re for storing your rolls of washi tape in.You know,the tape that only creative people use because it’s so pretty and so modern and so bleedin’ flippin’ expensive,…….

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