Back to the classroom

January 19, 2014

I have been writing a children’s book in my spare time. Just because I enjoy it. I enjoy any writing really. Well, creative writing. Not necessarily a study report. And definitely not a tax return. Or even an invoice. All that is tedious. But creative writing like this blog and the book are fun. Relaxing. And satisfying. Especially when I think I’ve got my message across. Crafted one particularly well (for me). So hubby bought me a Guardian masterclass for Christmas. On self publishing. Eek! A whole techy world I know nothing about and hadn’t considered at all. Partly because I haven’t even finished the book yet so getting it published isn’t number one on the agenda. Yet.

Today’s masterclass was run by Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn. Successful author and self publisher. And self publicist by necessity. Because if you are going to publish books you want people to read them . And that means finding your readers wherever they are. And it was really useful; full of practical tips usually informed by her own mistakes and always informed by her clear passion and expertise. The same cannot be said of all the audience who at times I wanted to bang on the head and ask if they had even been listening. But I am a poor pupil. Not keen to engage or offer my goals or visions, but there to absorb. The audience, mostly older, mostly white, mostly middle class. Well, it was a Guardian Masterclass after all. In their glorious building behind Kings Cross.

So now I am inspired to actually finish the book and get on with publishing it and see where it goes. If anywhere. Possibly in to the abyss of obscurity. But it’ll be a start. To build on. I think this is a slow burner. Perhaps a retirement hobby to keep me functioning in my twilight years. I don’t think it will allow me to give up the day job (and to be honest I wouldn’t want to as I am lucky enough to enjoy it), but one day, when it’s all too much or I’m not relevant any more, then perhaps I’ll concentrate more on the writing. And now the publishing. That is until I get a wall of one star reviews. Gulp.


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