The Wolf of Wall Street. Four plus stars

January 18, 2014

I am not a Scorsese officionado. Or a diCaprio fan particularly. But this three hour full on full throttle film was a blast. DiCaprio mesmerising and charismatic as the narrator of his own rise and fall puts in a stonking performance. He has insight and knows what he does is wrong. but he loves it. He hungers for it. He lives life in the extreme. Everything to the extreme. He wants to be rich rich rich. It is a heightened reality –  a drug fuelled adventure where we never see the victims of his mis-selling; we only see his side of it. And we see every bit of his sides. Including his rather nice backside. He pumps up his team to believe they are invincible and they party like roman orgies.

The three hours flew by with belly laughs aplenty. Dwarf tossing, naked women, diCaprio with a candle up his arse – there are numerous scenes that were worth seeing on their own. Put together in this epic made it a great cinema experience. Four plus stars.


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