Carmen at the Royal Opera House. Three stars

January 10, 2014

I got to the the beautiful Paul Hamlyn Hall early and ordered the bottle of champagne. Hurrah! Livin the life! I’d made an effort; rather than just coming in my work clothes and slapping on more lippy, I’d actually changed in to something a little more ‘evening’ that I hadn’t worn for a while. I was feeling  lucky. Then January man arrived to tell me he wasn’t going to drink tonight. “WHAT!!??” This hadn’t been mentioned even in passing. Not even during the ‘What am I going to give up for January?”  conversations. Let me reassure you I’m not giving up anything completely, but perhaps try not to be so excessive. So there I was with a whole bottle to myself. So much for my not so excessive January. I dogged back four glasses before we went in. Another two at the interval and left the remaining drops. I did good but it’s not the same drinking alone.

Carmen is a great opera. Fabulous music, bit of sex and dancing and death. A gypsy slag from the tobacco factory bewitches men with her sensuality and trouble ensues. Tonight’s production has decided to use live animals so we have a donkey in the street scene and a real horse for the Toreador. They add nothing. There are huge crowd scenes and they are visually stunning but the whole piece lacks energy, lacks the electricity and passion. So despite there being some great singing of wonderful songs it only rates three stars.


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