We love The Snowman

January 3, 2014

The New Year starts well; out in London on a Thursday night with work the next day. Get in there! The occasion? Watching a rising star in his first professional West End role where he is the eponymous Snowman. It is the same show we saw him in on tour last year in Edinburgh, so imagine coming to see him again makes us officially groupies. And we are. Along with about half of Ealing it seemed. A great bunch of people all supporting him and his family and loving every second.

It is a show for children. Very small children. And part of the wonder of it is hearing them gasp and shout excitedly and debate between themselves ;”There is a man in there” “No there isn’t it’s a snowman” as the snowman was built before our eyes.  How he stayed so still for so long was impressive in itself. Let alone the actual dancing in a huge fleecy suit.

We had prime seats  (bought by the proud mother) but a few of us felt obliged to remove ourselves to the back row to allow the two year olds behind us to have a chance of seeing anything. There is a slight raking which allowed most children good visibility, but not these tiny tots.

And it is a beautiful set and the magic of flying to “Walking in the air” brought tears to the eyes. And the screams of excitement when Santa came on. And disbelief when the various pieces of fruit appeared from the fridge. It is the Snowman, but not as you know it…. We hissed at nasty Jack Frost and we cheered every time the Snowman did anything at all. Oh yes we did.

And then we met the star in the foyer and before we knew it small children were coming up and asking for his autograph. He spent the next twenty minutes on his knees signing whatever they brought to him and having his photo taken with them. We enjoyed watching his moments in the sun.

And then on to Spoons. My first time. A Spoons virgin and I loved it. OK, so it’s not the most atmospheric of places (Shakespeare’s Head on Kingsway) but boy is it cheap. Chardonnay by the bucket on tap and a very edible pulled pork burger, chips, slaw, and onion rings at under a tenner together. What’s not to love? And we stayed until what would have been well after closing time in the old days, and took the tube home. I felt like a student having had a night of cheap booze and travelling by public transport afterwards but then reverted to type at Ealing Broadway and got a cab home. There are limits to wanting to be young.


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