Jeeves and Wooster Two and a half stars

December 13, 2013

Last night saw me scurrying from Leicester Square tube to the Green Man and French Horn on St Martin’s lane for a quick bottle and galette pre-theatre. En route to this Loire-inspired pub were some incredible singers in Cecil Court – their pure clear voices soaring in to the winter sky. What a boost that was.

And meeting a friend I haven’t seen for ages made for a warm welcome in this little restaurant-rather-than-pub.

The play is essentially a vehicle for two crowd pulling stars – Matthew Macfadyen and Steven Mangan both of whom were good at what they were asked to do. But the joke grew thin after about twenty minutes. We toyed whether to return after the interval but we did and continued to be vaguely amused rather than impressed. The comedic devices are not novel so I am surprised there seemed to be such mirth from much of the audience – two characters play numerous parts with forgotten wigs, half man half woman costumes and all that kind of stuff.  It was more farce than wit and was a lesser play because of it.

If you want to see physical comedy with upper class accents done well you would spend your money more wisely to see 39 Steps  -the long running spoof at the Criterion with no household names in it but a much better script and direction.


One Response to “Jeeves and Wooster Two and a half stars”

  1. Georgie Says:

    I had no idea what to expect when I went to see it but I agree with you – it was tired! The crowd in Richmond absolutely loved it though – maybe unsurprisingly. I just didn’t really ‘get’ it – not funny at all for me.

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