A toast to Rosie

December 9, 2013

Rosie on the left with Georgina at Drayton leavers do I think. So aged 18.

Rosie on the left with Georgina at Drayton leavers do I think. So aged 18.

Today is Rosie’s birthday

I say is, present tense

Because although she isn’t with us,

She is in every sense.

She shares our celebrations

We raise a glass  – her life to toast

We remember funny things she did

And think of her the most

She pops in to our heads at times

From nowhere, just a nudge

She’s eight years old and smiling

On a never ending ”trudge’.

Then next time she is older

In a costume for a part

Or DMs nearly to her knees

Or in the kitchen doing art.

She’s everywhere around us

In everything we do

She’s part of us forever

And always will be too

She makes us count our blessings

To be kind and love some more

And today another milestone

When she should be twenty four.

All our love xx



8 Responses to “A toast to Rosie”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Surely the poignancy of this poem is about the young girl who died,not the glory of the person who wrote it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Beautiful Sarah x

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sarah, I was very moved by your toast to Rosie and touched by her bright light that continues to shine in your memories.

    I lost my older sister when I was 4. The pain was too much for my parents that we didn’t speak about her for years. Its lovely to see there are ways to celebrate a life lost so young.

    Big hugs, Anat xxx

  4. Georgie Says:

    This is lovely Mum and so touching xxx

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