A verse from Taid to his grandchildren

December 2, 2013

It is three years ago today that my dad died. I have blogged of him often and we miss him still. He loved people and would take every opportunity to find interesting people with views to share. He thoroughly enjoyed his grandchildren as he was retired for nearly the whole of their childhood so had the time to appreciate them. Nearly as much as hubby and I appreciated having them looked after so we could go off for a night!

Here is a poem he wrote as he awaited their arrival.

The Ealing Three (undated)


Natalie, Georgina and Michael

Are coming to Knighton quite soon

So Grandma, I just have to tell you

Is not surprisingly over the moon.

She’s thrilled by the thought of their coming

Here excitement is shown in her eyes

They’re flashing and sparkling and flickering

Like all the bright stars in the skies.


It’s easy to think that there’s nothing

That makes her so happy and glad

Than the prospects of visits to Knighton

Of two special girls and a lad.

Her joy is quite truly unbounded

She just can’t wait for the day

When three jolly Clarkes from the Avenue

Come to Cae Ceri to stay.


Though there’s work to be done for the visit

It is done with great gladness and glee

So she sings as she dusts and she tidies

With no stopping for coffee or tea.

The baking and the cooking’s a wonder

There are biscuits in tins by the score

And as for the soups and the jellies,

They’re of flavours she knows they adore.


Since all is now finished and ready

For the Clarkettes she waits to arrive,

Their Grandma is waiting to greet them

At the foot of Cae Ceri drive.

She sits there all day and the evening

By the light of the sun or the moon

And Taid who is starving and hungry

Is hoping they’ll com fairly soon!!


5 Responses to “A verse from Taid to his grandchildren”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So sweet! Brings tears to my eyes too

  2. Sarah N Says:

    Really lovely poem

  3. Anonymous Says:

    welling up…. a lesson in what is a true gift

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