Gravity and Philomena

November 26, 2013

I never go to see films at the cinema – and then I go twice in a weekend. And I have to say I enjoy the experience -I completely suspend disbelief and am taken with them wherever they decide to take me. I think I leave my critical faculties at the box office (scorched paying over £11 for Acton vue!!) and never predict what will happen next so am perfect fodder for a director.

Gravity was the first proper 3D film I’ve seen. Billy Connolly made us wear red and green shades for his live show in Drury Lane in the 70s, and I saw some crappy prehistoric thing around the same time. Then I went to Thorpe Park and saw Pirates 4 D and was literally quaking and turning away in my seat. I honestly came out thinking I had fortuitously sat in the best seat of the house as “Literally, the bee put his sting right in my face.” I imagined the rest of the audience had somehow only watched this happen sideways, looking at me.

But anyway, Gravity 3D was  Breathtaking. Awesome. You felt the enormity of space. Its silence. Its depth. And the 90 minutes flew by. I am an action pic fan and also love Sandra Bullock and George Clooney so was well set for this. But it is much gentler and more realistic than I expected. But heartstopping.  Not that I’d know if it is realistic but their task in space is made fairly routine and not ‘sci fi’ and it becomes a thriller as the debris from another space station hurtles towards them. It is breathtaking. I don’t know how to describe it, but Sandra Bullock’s pain and resolution are palpable. And her body is incredible .George Clooney the avuncular old lag on his last trip, desperate to break the space walking record. is touching and believable. I cried. I jumped. I gasped. I ducked to avoid the debris. I loved it.

Philomena was also a two hander. Dame Judi and Steve Coogan. And I hate Steve Coogan. But in this I enjoyed him. It is the story of a sacked journalist who agrees to do a human interest story he feels is beneath him and he helps an old Irish woman track the son that she had taken away from her by the nuns she was living with. The contrast between the atheist. Oxford-educated political spin doctor and the simple Irish nurse with her staunch belief makes for great comedy as Dame Judi bursts his bubble, and great drama as he helps her trace her son. It is warm, moving, horrifying and a great Sunday afternoon movie (or in my case, Monday night).


4 Responses to “Gravity and Philomena”

  1. Georgie Says:

    There are no words for how much Gravity blew me away. I had such low expectations – didn’t even want to go particularly – and I came out exhausted from how incredible it was, both emotionally and ‘action’-y. And that was in 2D!

  2. mgp53 Says:

    Hadn’t considered going to either of these, but you’ve talked me into it Sarah… 🙂

    • Anonymous Says:

      thanks for taking the time to comment mgp53. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did although it’s always harder when you go with high expectations like I’ve just given you! Let me know what you think when you’ve seen them!

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