Mojo. Three stars (just)

November 22, 2013

It’s never a good sign if I’ve nodded off during the show. But this time it may have had a lot to do with the bucket of wine I had at the interval when hubby decided his was off and undrinkable so I relieved him of it.

Mojo is a revival of Jez Butterworth’s debut play and so I had high expectations having loved  his more recent Jerusalem. It also had a good cast and was on at the intimate Harold Pinter (aka the Comedy theatre to old lags like us) so what’s not to be excited about? Well the journey there took the shine off the evening to begin with as we were trapped in traffic and one way systems and diversions and literally ran in to our seats as the action started.

It’s a black comedy about a seedy 50s Soho club and their new star Silver Johnny who another gangland boss wants to own. I think. And the first act had lots of fast,  funny, filthy dialogue as the lowlife drug taking backroom boys discuss what’s occurring and buzz on their pill popping. Some excellent physical comedy from Daniel Hays and enjoyable characterisation from Rupert Grint. But we didn’t care about any of them. Even when Baby’s father (the club owner) got murdered and they were supposed to be terrified that they were next it was more farce than fear. Then came the wine incident and I may have shut my eyes for a few minutes in the second half as the plot opened up and became darker as Baby (Ben Wishaw) revealed his oddness to be psychosis. Hubby tells me the second half was much better and he would give it four stars. But it only scraped three from me.


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