He made us feel like dancing.

November 21, 2013

iphone november13 031 iphone november13 035Leo Sayer at 229 (not his age but the venue name) was on cracking form. The pocket popster was back. And still with all the hair and no dress sense. But now a pensioner so it was glittery jackets rather than clown outfits or dungarees. But the voice was still there and he just cracked out the songs – ones I’d forgotten were his and hadn’t heard since about 1974.

The venue had been changed from the Troxy (in hip happening East London) to 229 Great Portland Street. Much easier for the coaches from the suburbs to get to I expect. And not so large to fill. We arrived from a neighbouring pub just as he was about to come on  – 8pm – (nice and early so no one has too late a night) and rows of bald heads and greying ‘sets’ were sitting in rows on chairs that had been laid out specially. It looked like they were waiting for a talk on heart disease. We were having none of it. We got another bottle and stood at the back  determined to make this more of a gig than a concert.

And sure enough we were swaying and singing and clapping throughout the first set. The rest of the audience stayed seated but were loving every minute. After the interval (and another bottle) there was no holding us back. We charged to where the mosh pit would be and started dancing at the front. Suddenly everyone joined us and we discoed the final 45 minutes. It was brilliant. We had a ball. A glitter ball.


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