The Commitments. Two and a half stars

November 14, 2013

Harsh harsh harsh I know.  But I’d seen the film and LOVED it so perhaps it was always on a hiding to nothing. The trouble was the narrative just didn’t carry through so we didn’t give a toss about any of the characters. We didn’t feel the poverty, the striving, the fecklessness, the dogged rehearsals, the gradual improvement. We did get some great singing from the lead guy, and the instrumentalists could play OK. But why spend £60 a ticket to see people playing at being in a soul band, when you could go and see the real thing for half that price and get a whole night of it, not interspersed with random bits of flouncing off for no apparent reason? And the accents were shite by some of them. I mean there are enough Irish here in London to either be in the show or helping performers get their accent right.

This is a show for the populous who don’t go to see bands but like having a comfy seat to listen to their music. If it had concentrated the story to just two characters but done them in depth it might have worked. But it didn’t. It tried to recreate the film and failed.  two and a half stars.

But nice Mexican bite to eat right next door on Romilly street – Bodega Negra. Easy three stars.


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