Hawksmoor Seven Dials. Four stars

November 10, 2013

Quite a different four stars from Central and Co the night before, as the service let it down but the steaks themselves were topnotch. We’ve done Hawksmoor before –  the Guidhall one – and I was keen to revisit the most glorious macaroni cheese the world has ever tasted. So we thought we’d try the Seven Dials branch.

The style is similar – very male decor with dark wood giving it a feeling of a club rather than a restaurant. And I ordered the champagne whilst I waited for the others to arrive. Which they duly did having got there in pimped-out rickshaws that frequent the area. The menu is straightforward and very meaty with half a lobster or two thrown in. But in fact I  think we all went for fillet steak as this had won the tasting session we’d had on our first Hawksmoor experience. Starters were too large for some (one) who then had to doggy bag his main course home. But all got rave reviews from round the table. Perfectly cooked, melt in the mouth steaks with lovely sauces, salad and chips. And the wonderful macaroni cheese. Yum yum yum. I was loath to share.

The wine was slipping down nicely  and we were reviewing the dessert menu. So many things that sounded lovely. We ordered a bottle of Chablis to have whilst we deliberated. Good move.

And then my sticky toffee sundae arrived and it was perfect. Sweet and caramelly but lighter than a sticky toffee pudding and with sumptuous ice cream.

The only thing that let this place down in any way was the service. Which was not terrible, but fairly disinterested and offhand. A complete contrast to the fantastic, fun and intelligent service we’d had at the Guildhall branch. Hence four stars rather than five.


4 Responses to “Hawksmoor Seven Dials. Four stars”

  1. Georgie Says:

    I’d completely agree with this review. Incredible food but disinterested service – and the service at Guildhall had been so good! Such a great place to go though – that food!! Our lunch the next day was amazing – fillet steak baguette with mozzarella thrown in 🙂

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