I need to get out more

October 18, 2013

I am disgusted with myself. You know they always mock politicians who don’t know the price of milk? Or a loaf of bread? I discovered last night I have become so out of touch with reality or perhaps normality that I simply could not believe the restaurant had got the bill right. Surely they have forgotten to charge for the wine? Or missed off the desserts? But no. Thirty quid a head covered three starters, eight street food portions, four desserts and three bottles of wine. How fucking poncy am I ? To think thirty quid is too little for a midweek meal out? I really need to climb out of my Addison Lee  cab and start walking on the pavement…

The four of us were stuffed and OK so the food wasn’t gourmet but some of it was incredibly tasty and all of it  in a great buzzy atmosphere that was loud enough to make you feel you were in a vibrant place but not so loud you can’t hear anyone speak. And Elisa our waitress added to the ambience with her easy style and humour. And the fact she kept refusing to bring us any water which endeared her to me.

Not to mention  glorious cocktails beforehand (mine was the Wahaca mule – highly recommend) . Wahaca Charlotte street is definitely worth a visit.


One Response to “I need to get out more”

  1. Edward Says:

    Love Wahaca on Charlotte Street – we went there for Bella’s birthday in August after drinks in the Fitzroy Tavern opposite. Heading there for dinner on Tuesday with the Twyford gang. Glad you thoroughly approve of Wahaca as was going to recommend it next time I saw you! (may have mentioned it before but try Paolina’s Thai in King’s Cross which cheap and delicious and BYOB(s)!

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