Sometimes I love my job

September 17, 2013

Last week had a day in point. Uptown at a hotel so the team i was training could be off site. I had four hours of their time and a brief to discuss issues to do with being out ‘in the field’ as its known as opposed to the particular issues of being in head office which is what my training usually concentrates on. So I’d spent quite a bit of time pulling a presentation and exercises together trying to make what can be viewed as an essentially dry subject in to something a little more fun. A bit more practical application and less this is what the rules say. So exercises, scenarios, quizzes, yes no cards. You get the drift. And it’s a bespoke session for this particular team so I’ve not tried it out before so don’t know exactly how the timings will run. Have I got enough stuff? Will I run out of time to get through it all? It’s a bit of a whistle in the wind but all down to how much interactivity and discussion, challenge and debate I allow. Because that’s the best bit really. The on-the-spot Q and As. The real stuff they are dealing with – what should they have done in this situation? So often training is theoretical, hypothetical and avoids giving clear direction – as these are the judgement calls that need to be made and people can find it difficult. But that’s the bit I probably enjoy the most as it shows people are actually engaging with the session and coming up with stuff that will actually help them in their day job.

The four hours flew by for me – might have seemed longer for them – but grabbed a nice buffet lunch and headed back to Paddington station only 3 minutes away. Perfect placement for me. Then off for a meeting with an agency to discuss a conference that is happening next month and the agenda, presentations and the like need to be decided and sorted. Three hours flew by and hopefully much was decided so it felt a worthwhile meeting as opposed to the pointless work-avoidance, decision-revision scenarios they so often are as I may have mentioned.

Then straight to the train station and uptown to a burlesque show via Pizza Express. Oh yes, it was a great day from beginning to end. Full on to full off (apart from nipple tassels) and loving every second.


2 Responses to “Sometimes I love my job”

  1. Georgie Says:

    Sounds like a great day – I so hope I find a job that I love as much as you seem to love yours. And manage to keep up a social life like yours too!!

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