It’s great to hook up

September 6, 2013

Work has been even more mental than usual since trying to catch up after holidays and being offered juicy new challenges that I am loathe to turn down but that have tight deadlines so mean I can’t leave them till later. To be honest if I’m going to do something I need to crack on and do it, or I’ll get distracted by something else and forget about the first thing.

But the point of today’s short post was to say I had a lovely evening this week meeting up with someone I hadn’t seen since her wedding two years ago. Firstly I couldn’t believe it was two years, but secondly what a great time we had. Especially as we thought it would only be a quick drink – an hour or two max but turned in to a leisurely evening eating great tapas and drinking lovely wine. But way more enjoyable than both of those (and they were – Il Proviidore in Marylebone is spot on for quirky fresh tapas)- was the conversation.

We’d worked together for a while but didn’t talk much about work – it was relationships, marriage, people, children, creativity. And the woman next to us took a photo of my friend as she reminded her so much of a friend of hers. Yeah right. Nothing to do with the fact my mate was looking stunning in a green silk playsuit.



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