Busy doing nothing is when I get my inspiration

September 4, 2013

Most people think I am loud and lairy. Not backward in coming forward. Full on. Opinionated. Busy. Bossy. Exhausting. There may be plenty more adjectives but I am choosing to ignore them….

However, I also have my alter ego that likes to be alone. Well even that’s not strictly true, but what I want is not to have to talk to anyone. So I don’t mind others being around and about, (in fact I prefer it) but I just don’t want to interact with them for a while. I don’t respond to conversation, I don’t hear what people say. Even if they ask me a direct question. I have kind of ‘tuned out’. I am not bored with them or their conversation, I am just away with myself. And that can seem downright rude so it is often easier to actually be alone. Often with my computer nowadays. Bashing one of these missives out. Writing something else. Doing work. Or just letting my brain float,

I do my best thinking and problem solving when I’m on my own. Not a brainstorming session. Not a meeting. They can be useful for finding out the background and what the issues are, but they are not where I feel I perform best.

I’ll be drafting up one of these posts, or cruising the JohnLewis site, or staring in to space ,or even sleeping and suddenly, from nowhere will come a possible solution to a work problem that I’m not actually thinking about. I will have previously done my basic research on the issue and maybe drafted something. But the real inspiration often comes when everything’s had time to percolate through my synapses unpressured.

So when I appear to be away with the fairies at the dinner table it is just my brain percolating. Brewing something hopefully a little special. That I wouldn’t have come up with if I’d been forced to give an immediate answer. It’s the real benefit of reflection and review – given time we can make things better.

And cracking a problem, having a great idea, finishing a piece of work or even a blog post – they energise me and give me renewed vigour and lust for life.

Nearly as much as a party does.


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