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August 28, 2013

I love people.  Men . Women. Children. People in general. People in particular. I start out with the notion that everyone is interesting, kind and good and I am rarely disappointed.  It is unusual for me to find people completely boring – I rather enjoy geeks and nerds – but I can find people unpleasant when they are patronising, arrogant, completely self-centred or simply unable to listen to a different opinion.

However I have spent enjoyable evenings with obnoxious twats who I find entertaining  for a short period of time even if I violently disagree with their views –  as long as they are able to navigate the give and take of discussion and understand that conversation is not the same as having to convince the opposition of your  being right. The enjoyment is in the discovery of new ways of looking at things but not necessarily being so convinced by them that they change your views completely. But they might temper them. Or inform your opinions so they are less extreme. Or just be really interesting and sit brewing in the back of your mind making you view the world in a slightly different way.  Or it may simply be a case of agreeing to differ. Conversation is not the debating society where one side has to win and the other lose. It’s just about sharing.

I probably find people with no opinions and nothing to say harder to enjoy, but often I think perhaps I just haven’t found something they want to talk about. Or shut up long enough for them to get a word in…

And I love a good party. In fact I need of a good party every so often. And luckily we have an invitation to one coming up this weekend.  Whoop! whoop! I love it. Lots of people, whether I know them or not –  all the possibilities of conversations going in a thousand different ways. New insights on life, alternative outlooks, funny tales and interesting stories.

And if one person gets tiresome you can move on to the next……… what’s not to love?


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