July 15, 2013

I am an immediate gratification kind of person. If I want something done, I want it done now. If I am hungry, I want to eat now. Similarly with work if I am asked to do something I want to get it done as soon as possible, but of course there is always more than one thing that I am being asked to do at any one time and so I have to prioritise.
Left to my own devices I prioritise based on what I find most enjoyable. I put off the jobs I fancy the least. It is nothing to do with how difficult they are or how big, or how time consuming. Just how likely I am to enjoy doing them.
And I take my enjoyment where I can get it. So in fact clearing out my entire inbox and responding to every email can be therapeutic and cathartic and as such enjoyable. Similarly the inbox that sits in my various ZINC accounts can be cleared with relish.

In contrast, my office has needed clearing out and tidying up for months. And I keep setting aside time to do it and then, what do you know, something more interesting comes along. I mean, I could be doing it now but no, a blog post is much more attractive. And required! I haven’t posted for days and need to get something out there.  I always have to justify my putting off something by making what takes its place vitally important. Or at least more important than what I can’t be arsed to get on with.

And of course, as soon as I finish this post I will start on the office. Well, I will after I quickly research some stuff that might be quite useful for a presentation I’m doing in a couple of weeks………….


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