July 3, 2013

Hubby starts us off

Hubby starts us off

Our recent party got three of us Clarkes reaching for the keyboard. Actually that’s not true, hubby went old style and wrote it out by hand. But the point is we prepared a little something for the night. Unfortunately daughter wasn’t keen to let me put hers up on here (although she is a published poet and hers is far better than mine. But she doesn’t have my brashness.) So you only get mine.
What has been amazing is that in all the lovely thank you texts, cards and messages we have also been emailed a response in rhyme – absolutely excellent and I cut and paste it after mine. How brilliant is that?

Ode on the Occasion of 25 years

I’d like to take a moment,

To reflect on times gone by

To tell you what it’s really like

Being married to this guy

We started off, as you’ll all know

My first marriage gone to shit,

So best man steps up good as gold

And gets me up the stick

He was brilliant when the kids were small,

Reading stories, playing games,

Found later years more trying

But has been there all the same

We’ve had our rocky moments,

The classic ups and downs,

But through it all we’ve stuck together

And spent a lot of time up town

Going out enjoying London,

Seeing shows and bands galore

He’s great at buying tickets

All I do is say ‘encore’

He organises holidays,

Trawling websites, hotels, flights

Presenting options and ideas

All I do is say, “Alright”

And through it all he always knows

What date, what song, which wine

Reminds him of a time or place

When we were doing something fine

He’s always bought me flowers,

And I’m not one to push,

But he does great things in the garden

And can trim a decent bush.

He solves crosswords and sudokus

Has a brain the size of Mars

But can be a grumpy annoying bastard

And complete and utter arse

But he knows that I love him,

That without him I’d go mad,

So raise your glasses one more time,

For Twitter’s MGNS Dad

And then the reply by email -I am happy to give credit where it’s due for this but retain anonymity until I get their permission.

Dear Sarah,

Without delay we had to write

And thank you for a super night.

A Clarkey Party

Always fun

Never knowingly outdone!

Whatever the occasion,




Champagne, vino, all keep flowing

Music, laughter,

(tomorrow’s hangover ever growing!)

Food – is delicious

Cakes are divine,

Made using recipes handed down over time!

The venue seems better every year

The garden looking lovely

The hosts ever bubbly!

The weather held steady – the atmosphere heady

Speeches heartfelt – funny and witty,

Poems far better

than this silly ditty!

So big thank you to all

We had such a ball

Cant wait for the next one – Life should be more fun!

But this time it’s our shout –

We’ll have a go,

Throw a bash

Splash some cash!

Don’t even think of saying no!

To reciprocate would be our pleasure

Add to memories we already treasure.

Speak soon you clever Clarkeys

Here’s to the next party of parties!


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