Let’s get this party started

July 2, 2013



Double belated celebrations on Saturday  – youngest turning 21 and us having stuck out the 25 years . The latter was only really used as part of the initial justification for having one, as on the day it was all about the bub.

And what a day it was. Sunshine  decided to grace us with its presence at last and the marquee looked splendid regaled in fairy lights as the night descended. And what a night we had.
As ever with these things, a party is only as good as its guests. Luckily ours all know the drill and throw themselves in wholeheartedly. Aided and abetted by the soundtrack provided by a friend on the decks. Free flowing champagne probably helped too.
Apart from cheesy nibbles beforehand and my mother’s chocolate crunch cake, all catering was devolved to the experts; Eden.who slipped in and out unnoticed and served us wonderful Javanese chicken and a veggie alternative. Ah, makes life so much easier.
But even so I still manage to feel I didn’t spend enough time with anyone and need to organise smaller, more intimate get togethers to have proper conversations. I was flitting hither and thither, drinking, dancing and talking fleetingly to all these wonderful people. The person I may have spent the most time with was a lad who I have only heard utter two words before. Amazing what a few years and a crate of Corona can do.
Before the dancing took over, there were speeches as is usual at these kind of events. I always like an occasion to be marked by a formal few words. I am forever grateful I took the opportunity to thank my parents publicly at my 40th as otherwise I never would have had the chance. One shouldn’t leave it until the funeral to hear all the lovely things people say, but that’s often what happens.
But even for us this time it was pretty full on -three of us spoke. Husband exposing the birthday girl’s venom for the tooth fairy and her budding writing talents in an acrostic poem to her Grandma, and of course her infamous story-telling ability. She responded with a fabulous poem and I brought up the rear with the ever-present Ode. I am such a bloody show-off I can’t resist the opportunity.
But then the volume was ramped up and the joint was jumping. It is great to see people throw off their cares and have a good time.
I know they say youth is wasted on the young, but they are the amphetamines against old age, making us high on their appetite for life and pleasure.
Here’s to them; life’s joy bringers.


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    Fabl x

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