Disgraced at the Bush Theatre. Four plus stars

June 8, 2013

This ninety minute play set in New York is well worth a visit. It has it all. Amir, a Pakistani who has renounced Islam, Em, his white liberal wife who paints Islamic-inspired art and loves everythging Islam, Hussein/Abe the pro-Jihadi nephew, a Jewish art curator and his black wife who is a work colleague of Amir. The bonds between them are complicated.
It is an intimate play whose centrepiece is a dinner party where tensions run high and perhaps shows that for all our liberal veener we revert to type when pushed. Great dialogue excellently played by the cast I felt I was at the dinner party itself and desperate to shout, “No, don’t say it, please don’t say it.” It shocks, it surprises, it challenges and it makes us laugh. Can’t ask more than that for £20. Four plus stars.


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