A week in the life

June 7, 2013

It’s turning out to be quite a week. Started on Sunday with friends over for dinner. Sitting in the sunshine eating a full roast outside and then moving indoors and reviewing our holiday photos from Barbados. Lovely easy evening with cracking company.
Monday saw us at Murano, Angela Hartnett’s restaurant in Mayfair. She’s ex-Claridges where she trained under Gordon Ramsay. We were with some friends from the North who used to live opposite us when our kids were small and they moved after they started producing offspring. Soooo nice to see them I have virtually forgotten what I ate as it was so incidental to the conversation. I think it was leek to start but then what……? No idea. It was good but not mind blowing. That could have had something to do with the free flowing wine of course…. The decor in Murano is pretty drab – but to be honest it didn’t matter a jot as we created our own buzz on the table and the staff were lovely.may 001



may 003
Tuesday saw me have an early start (630pm) in Cote in Ealing. Compare and contrast you may think, but my steak frites was top notch actually, despite looking pretty bland and unappealing. The asparagus starter was fresh and light and the creme caramel a knockout dessert. But what topped it off was the great suggestion by one of my dining companions to have Irish coffee. I had brandy rather than whisky and boy was it easy. Slipped down a treat and felt it had a real slug of cognac in it. And again an evening with longstanding friends that just flew by.
Wednesday night was a work event, and unfortunately that’s exactly what it was but at least it ended early. In fact earlier than my husband ever gets home from a normal work day.
Then last night it just got messy. Very messy. Three doctors out alone is a recipe for trouble. Especially when it starts with cocktails. Of which we had a few. Then we moved on th a rather gorgeous bottle of white wine. Then to food and two more bottles of white wine. Or it may have been three more. I really can’t rememeber. It wasn’t me ordering. But the semblance of respectability disappeared with the espresso martinis. Stoli Vanil and Illy coffee liqueur, shaken with a shot of espresso. But not strong enough. They got sent back for recharging. But they retruned with stronger coffee rather than more alcoholic punch. One of us had to go to relieve the babysitter. Wise move.
The two of us still left downed the drinks and ordered another set to see if we could get an adequate alcoholic kick. Once again, the caffeine nearly blew my heart out of my chest, but we struggled through to the end. It was like a jaegerbomb on steroids I was buzzing so much. We had to dash for one of us to catch the last train home. We held on to each other as we teetered to Marylebone. I looked at my mate and thought “She’s completely wrecked.” I unlinked my arm from her to let her get her train and promptly walked in to a wall. Well, not quite, but just misjudged where the wall was and crashed in to it with my shoulder.
The cab ride home was woozy. I hate getting in cars the worse for wear. Its a recipe for nausea and worse. But I held it together and took a call from my mate who should have been on the train. “Hello?”, “Hello?”, “You alright?” Silence. “You OK?You on your train?” Silence. “You called me. Are you alright?” She hung up. I laughed to myself about how utterly wasted she was.
But this morning I think we all know who is in a worse state out of the two of us. I can give her 20 years, so I don’t feel too bad about it. She texted early to say she was already in work preparing for a big important meeting that started at 9. I, on the other hand, rolled shakily out of bed and logged on without even managing to get dressed. The joys of working from home.

may 008

not so fucking clever now are we?


2 Responses to “A week in the life”

  1. Lorna Says:

    All I did yesterday was turn down the offer of afternoon coffee with you (because I was caught uptown) AND you have to go out and get totally wasted on it.Goodness only knows what you would have done if I had had to cancel dinner plans….

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