Rustling something up

May 31, 2013

As you will know by now, I am no chef or housekeeper. But one thing I can do is rustle a meal up out of nothing. Well obviously not literally. Even Jesus had a few loaves and fish to start with. No, I mean when you open the fridge or the cupboard and think, “Shit, there’s nothing to eat” and have that sinking feeling that you’re going to have to go back outside and schlepp to the supermarket; that’s when I come in to my own.
Now it won’t be a meal my husband will enjoy (but he only likes my roasts really), but the kids always liked them and they are some of my favourites. It’s a bit like the TV show “Ready Steady Cook” only no one interviews me whilst I do it.
So find whatever you have lurking in the fridge. Leftover veg (cooked or raw), an egg, a curled up rasher of bacon, some cheese. There’s usually a potato or two in our house because him indoors is the Full Irish. We are blessed if it is already lefover mash because bubble and squeak is just so obvious. But sometimes it turns in to potato cakes with crispy bacon and baked beans. Or sliced and fried in oil and butter. Maybe with some onions. To go with ‘bolognaise’ made out of leftover roast from a couple of days ago, padded out with all the leftover veg, gravy and even the stuffing. Throw some dried herbs in and Bob’s your father’s brother. Or those lurking tins of flageleot beans, tomoatoes, maybe chick peas with an onion and even better if you have a sausage or two to throw in does make a tasty filling meal.
Pasta sauces made with any veg at all are easy – and exotic if there’s some leftover chorizo to fry with it. Sometimes it all becomes a hearty soup and even cheesy croutons to make the stale bread go further and add some crunch.
There are the seasonings I try to always have in; bay leaves to add ‘guts’ and depth of flavour to anything, chicken stock cubes, garlic, herbs provencale, salt, pepper of course and an old packet of fajita flavouring can pep up virtually anything. There’s usually some pesto lying around somewhere too.
Of course it’s not cuisine – but virtually anything fried in butter tastes damn fine to me.
And even better with a big fat Chardonnay…..


2 Responses to “Rustling something up”

  1. jenny peachey Says:

    and that’s precisely why we all love you! (it’s been 14 years since you rustled something up for us, but we remember it well! xx)

    • aw thanks. Your wonderful culinary skills are exemplified on your blog. Just hope Angela Hartnett can manage to rustle something pretty good up for us tomorrow! xx

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