W Hotel Bar, Book of Mormon, The Ivy. That’s what I call a birthday.

May 29, 2013

Yesterday, as ever some might say, was all about me, me and me again. It started off with work and then a catastrophic outage of the wifi, but I left it all behind and headed to the hairdressers.
When I say hairdressers we are talking life-changing, hair-enhancing swanky uptown salon with the Artistic director cutting my hair.

The fashion stuff she does

The fashion stuff she does

She is great and creates new styles and wayout stuff for fashion designers, industry shows and the like. And she does my hair too.
and me too - but not quite so way out

and me too – but not quite so way out

So, it is early evening and I snaffle back a couple of champagnes (yes, can you believe it – the hairdresser supplies whatever drink you want) and hold back on the third as we are meeting for pre-theatre drinks at the W hotel bar on Wardour Street and I don’t want to be face down in the aisle before the show has even started.
Hubby suggested the hotel as very close to the theatre and it was a great choice. Very sleek and swanky, cool and stylish although cocktails at £13 a pop is not cheap. Highly recommend the ‘Buckingrum Palace’ – not dissimilar to the rum sours we had grown accustomed to last week. So, a couple of those later and I get a fabulous array of gifts and cards and then we all head to Book of Mormon (the musical written by the guys who created South Park).
For the first time ever we have to queue to get in to the theatre even though we have tickets, so there is no chance to have another swift one or order the interval drinks. The audience are pumped from all the hype marketing and ready to have a good time. And it starts with a bang – a classic musical theatre number which could have been on Glee, sung by an All-American group of trainee Mormons who are sharp, and energetic and funny. The Odd Couple (Top of the Class and the lovable, prone-to-fabrication Dork) are sent to Uganda to convert the locals. Cue Lion-King parodies, more sharp choreography, and an abandonment at my concerns as to whether I would be uncomfortable with the racial sterotyping as the script mocks everyone and includes a self awareness that relaxes me.
I adored the tap dancing number of the Mormon team – and their leader was wonderfully camp and engaging whilst denying his homosexual feelings (“Turn it Off”).
And I did enjoy it. But it wasn’t as out there as I’d thought it was going to be. Nowhere near as surprising as Jerry Springer The Opera, and the music pretty predictable (but easy on the ear for that too). Yes, there is repeated reference to female circumcision, baby rape, fucking frogs. But basically it’s toilet humour. Which is amusing, but didn’t have me rolling. But the dancing is spot on if you like some good hoofing. Performances all round are really good although the main female’s speaking voice did my fucking head in. On the plus side there aren’t many other musicals that have a song called “Fuck you God in the mouth, ass and cunt.” Three and a half stars. (Note it got a standing ovation so yet again I am a harder task master than most!).
And thence to the Ivy for a post-theatre meal and dissection of the show. How cool is that? Love the place. Easy, informal, impeccable service and something for everyone on the menu. Four and a half stars.


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