Woman’s Hour

April 14, 2013

At a party recently, a man I’d never met before was discussing Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. Hey, that’s how we roll in West London. And he was having difficulty taking the programme seriously, or more to the point taking feminism seriously, because there would seem to be great articles about women striving for equality followed by half an hour on which shade of lipstick to wear. To him, these seemed incompatible. Unfortunately I only caught the tail end of that conversation and it had moved on to micromanaging of children by their parents so I wasn’t able to let him hear the benefit of my musings from my well glossed (using Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in shade 504) mouth.
To me this is exactly why you need more women in boardrooms, in top jobs, in impactful roles. Because we do see the world differently. Our lipstick love is no different from your discussing the Arsenal offside trap. It is simply another facet of life. On its own it doesn’t define you, but helps form part of the kaleidescopic picture that is humanity.
To be honest I have difficulty in all sweeping gender generalisations because I am part bloke by many standard measures. I am loud, opinionated, decisive, independent, don’t like talking about my deepest feelings, like cars, am selfish, thoughtless, confident, swear, drink to excess, and vulgar. I don’t like housework, cooking, or animals and am not good at being lovey-dovey, sharing, fluffy stuff. I am not a high maintenance wife in the usual sense of the phrase. I cannot bond with women over the failure of their husbands to do the shopping or cooking or buy them flowers or remember anniversaries.
However, I do like children, lipstick, clothes, manicures, shoes, Downton Abbey, Suits and other rubbish TV, diamonds and being made to feel special.
None of those make me more or less suitable to be taken seriously at work. It just means I may have a different way of looking at things. Which could be an asset in any organisation. The value I deliver in the workplace is not solely a function of my gender. It is a composite summation of what I bring to work. Including and not despite my Mulberry handbag.


6 Responses to “Woman’s Hour”

  1. Helen Ferri Says:

    Please could you send me your contact email address? Thanks.

  2. Helen Ferri Says:

    Please would you be kind enough to send me a contact email address? Many thanks.

  3. georgiemcclarke Says:

    Completely agree – the idea that feminism and femininity can’t coexist is ridiculous!

  4. Tssr14 Says:

    Well said. Am just reading book ‘How to be a woman’ (downloaded by accident on kindle). It’s quite funny and uses yr fav word a lot and is her view on feminism.

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