The Low Road at the Royal Court. Three and a half stars.

April 3, 2013

We have been keen to go to the Royal Court for ages, but kept missing the sell out shows of new writing so booked this as soon as we saw tickets available. It’s a great little theatre with a large bar/cafe area downstairs right on Sloane Square.

It was Thursday evening just before Easter and both of us were fairly tired from the week’s work and the night out the previous evening at Maze. However, this epic tale of a baby abandoned in a brothel, mistakenly presumed to be the bastard son of George Washington, took us on an enjoyable journey narrated by the wonderful Bill Patterson playing the economist Adam Smith. The heart of the story is that the baby grows up to be a vicious capitalist, making money out of everyone around him and being violently against paying taxes or supporting others less fortunate.
He meets all kinds on his travels; prostitutes, pious puritans, philanthropists and through it all he is accompanied by a well educated slave with the most wonderful voice.
The cast are great and there is plenty of laughter and surprises, but it is overly long at three hours. Judicious editing could have made this a stunnning romp through the morals (or not) of capitalism, but it loses its way a bit at points. I loved the anachronistic use of language and the touches of humour throughout like the dispaying of the time or place using women not unlike those who tell you which round it is in the boxing.
All in all a very enjoyable night at a great little theatre. Three and a half stars.


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