Good Friday? Great Friday!

March 31, 2013

Earlier this week got a text from a mate saying he was “donning his pinny and would we like to come round for the proceeds?”. Unhesitating reply in the affirmative. This man owns a fabulous catering company and sampling his food is not to be missed. It’s Good Friday, Bank Holiday weekend, short notice invitation so we are feeling fairly informal. Probably  six or eight of  us round for a spot of dinner.  Imagine our surprise when we were greeted at the door by a stranger in a sumptuous sparkly top and velvet trousers. I assumed she was another guest and thanked her profusely for offering to take my coat. “It’s what I’m here for.” she cheerily replied. I still didn’t twig. Until we walked in to the kitchen and saw it set for a party. A serious celebration was going to go down.
We were the first to arrive and were still reeling (but by now with Mojito in hand), when the next guests appeared. And were equally surprised. “You said it was casual!” a woman exclaimed and refused to take her coat off. “I’m in an old jumper and jeans!” Others jumped in on this and all agreed the host had misled many by saying it was casual. He continued to insist it was informal as his glamorous wife reassured everyone it was just a spur of the moment birthday party. Birthday?? No one had mentioned birthday. Guilt surfaced fleetingly as we had arrived with no card or present, but that was soon swept aside by great conversation and more mojitos.
The canapes appeared – visually stunning and even better to eat. Then the host demands that before we can have the main course (sublime beef tagine with quinoa and couscous), we have to move round and talk to other people. It was a very good idea as it is easy to spend the whole evening talking to one group of interesting people when there are loads more eqaully fun that are as yet undiscovered.
Hubby and I knew relatively few people there so it was rich pickings for us and we had a great time connecting over parenting teens, young people having difficulty getting jobs, and Radio 4. Ah the middle classes – we know how to party!


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