Patience Strong eat your heart out………

March 23, 2013

Today is my husband’s birthday. My pension is in bricks and mortar in central London. I wrote a piece of doggerel to my husband on its acquisition and meant to give it to him on his next birthday but things conspired against me so I gave it to him a bit later.

Needless to say the vision I had for it has not yet materialsied. We haven’t even had a flat warming drinks gathering yet and it’s three years since we bought it! But I do love it. But not as much as I love him.

What Manchester Street means to me

We bought a flat in London!

The central swishy part,

It thrills me with excitement

To the bottom of my heart

I know you wanted France or Spain,

Or Dorset or the Lakes,

You wanted hills and walking

Not shops for goodness sakes

I know it’s not your first choice,

And don’t seem as keen as me,

You don’t seem to share my vision

Of what the place will be

I see it as a signal

Of days not far ahead

When we can have some us time

And share a brand new bed

A time to be together

Without children coming first

A time we never had before

That we have not rehearsed

A voyage of discovery

Of you and me and us

The way we should have started off

Before getting up the duff.

I’m full of much excitement

I hope that you are too

I can’t wait to start a dating game

With no one else but you.

With love in 2010  xxx


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