Make do and mend

March 22, 2013

I cannot deny we are well off. Not in the Wills and Kate league of course, but in the generally accepted sense of normal people. And yet I cannot shake of my mother’s training completely. She was brought up in the War and the years after were punctauted with the mantra of Make do and Mend. It’s now called upcycling or somesuch trendiness – but it’s make do and mend to me.
And today I am sporting my comfortable black shoes. That were khaki until two weeks ago when I bought the good old Dylon shoe dye and painted them. 5 minutes work max and now a pair of shoes I can wear routinely instead of once in a blue moon. I bought them khaki in a bid to move away from black, but that was a foolish decision. I always wear black shoes to work. Shouldn’t have tried to branch out.

The previously khaki and now black shoe

The previously khaki and now black shoe

And with the spare dye in the bottle I revitalised a pair of maroon knee length boots that have seen little wear since I got my bright red coat and they clashed so horribly. Hello world – for a fiver I have a new pair of shoes and boots.
Dylon has been a friend to me forever. It dyes sheets, towels, my summer linen clothing when it tires. It dyed my cheesecloth smocks centuries ago. Anything cotton or linen basically. It has transformed bathrooms from yellow towels (what was I thinking?) to blues, to greens to purples. Duvet covers too expensive to replace but needing a revamp have come under the Dylon spell. Mind you, for the last ten years I’ve bought nothing but white duvets for us in an effort to stop getting fed up.
My black linens start going greyish and fading so in they go to return to their former glory. It’s so satisfying when you have a piece of clothing you like and can continue to use it simply by throwing some salt and dye in the washing machine.  Unlike the days of handwash dying and tie-dying which were messy and time consuming and the results were only good to decorate a squat.


4 Responses to “Make do and mend”

  1. Kate Morgan Says:

    i tie-dyed my clothes a lot!!

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