All it takes is the offer of a glass of plonk

March 18, 2013

We all know I like to go out. Alot. I like to do stuff, meet new people, meet friends, eat, drink and be merry. Some may say I’d go to the opening of an envelope if it came with a chance of any of the above. And they might be right. But that isn’t why Thursday night found me at the launch of a fabulous new shop in Ealing Broadway. No, I went to support a friend who makes unique cards and pictures and who is integral to this new venture. It’s called AllOriginal and sells handmade gifts from a wide variety of artists, many of whom are local.
I love local community stuff. Especially because there is a stereotype of London being unfriendly. But I think it’s just like everything else – you get out what you put in. So I set off to the opening with a friend I had made from the gym. We both have the same mutual artisitic friend who makes the cards. And on the way there we bump in to another mate from the gym. Only she is nursing fatigue and trying to get over a chest infection, so we don’t get too close. But I love bumping in to people I know. Perhaps it’s my small town upbringing coming out in me.
AllOriginal is where Baby e used to be on Ealing Green (past Carluccio’s). And it looks lovely – all white and the same “clean but with an industrial twist” look to the shelving that Baby e had. There are lots of bags, jewellery, pottery, cards, purses, gifty things. All original. And there is some fizz to help celebrate the opening and to help us open our purses. And of course I oblige by buying some 3 pairs of ear rings, a purse, a bag and a picture. Couldn’t help myself.

allOriginal earrings

allOriginal earrings

And there in this throng of oestrogen is one of son’s flatmates, who is there in a work capacity as his employer (Orchards the Estate Agents) is sponsoring the evening and plying me with fizz.
Hope he’ll do the same the next time I pop round to their flat!


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