My life in cars:part two

March 11, 2013

I always loved cars. I played with them as a small child. Lorries were probably my favourites, although I did love the car transporter and the cages that the lions from the Chipperfields circus travelled in. Dad made me a car park/garage that I could drive my cars in to and let them whizz down the ramp he made from the top floor. Excellent.
And then the Dodgems were my favourite fair ride. Absolutely loved them. The power. The freedom.
And then Dad would let me change gear when he was driving. Love love love.
But the first time I actually took control of a car was when I was 15, maybe 16. A friend in the year above had an A40 Popular and after we had been in a show together, he drove us to Penybont where we had a drink in the pub. Well, to be fair we had a LOT to drink in the pub.
We came out in to the fresh air and got in the car. He started her up and we set off. Less than a hundred yards later he turned to me and said he couldn’t drive. He couldn’t see. We were 15 miles from home in the freezing winter. I knew the road – it is basically straight in to Knighton. I said he’d have to tell me what to do. I got in to the driver’s seat and set off. The Penybont straight was ahead of me. Miles of common land either side. No other traffic on the road.

I belted along. Absolutely loving the feeling of driving a high speed Dodgem on the open road. The rear lights of a car ahead came in to view. The straight continued to beckon. There was no traffic coming. I overtook with abandon. As we went whizzing past, I noticed it was a police car. Too late. I felt the only course of action was to continue as otherwise it would look like we were guilty. I had no idea what speed we were going, but a Ford Pop doesn’t have much poke so I hoped less than the speed limit.
We were laughing and joking and feeling like Bonny and Clyde as we realised the police hadn’t followed us and we were now nearing Knighton. I wanted to keep driving. I was loving it. So we shot straight through the town out on to the Ludlow road the other side. Joy. Bliss. Driving. I just loved it.
But we realised we had to get home so I needed to turn the car round. And that’s where the problems started. I reversed in to the ditch and we simply couldn’t get it out. We had no mobile phones of course and eventually abandoned the car wedged in the hedge at the side of the road.
The walk back to town sobered me up somewhat, but nothing could take away that thrill of the open road.


2 Responses to “My life in cars:part two”

  1. Kate Morgan Says:

    mmmm – and who was your drunken co – conspirator – hope he was grateful! x

    • no names no pack drill, but I can tell you off air! I don’t think he needed to be grateful – I’d left the car in the ditch for him and his dad to recue the next morning!

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