Planning is for wimps

March 8, 2013

Plan? I’ll give you a plan.

Just Do It.

In fact Just Do it Now.

I know I’ve ranted about this before, but I do not want to see another timeline unless it is a hand drawn arrow with today at one end and ‘finished item’ at the other. And nothing inbetween. No intricate dissections of what will happen where. When the item first gets concieved. When it first gets discussed at a pre-pre-engagement meeting. When the Agency get briefed. When the item first comes in to the building. When it gets passed to team member One, who stamps it and passes it to team member Two, who retypes it and passes it back to One to check it is OK….  Surely we don’t all need to know all these minutiae? Do they all even need to happen? Can’t we just think we’ll do something and get on and do it?

These things appear with another excel spreadsheet with thousands of items listed and beautiful colour coding on when things will happen, by whom. They take hours to draw up. I don’t bother even reading them any more. I’m convinced I will see a shaded box describing when I’m meant to wipe my arse.  I have never ever seen one that isn’t wrong by the time it is presented to me. Because the ‘deadline’ (or the ‘drop dead’ deadline if we are really meaning it)  for when  the document will have arrived at my desk or inbox will already have been missed. And that will be about step 12 of 400. So the whole thing is a waste of time.

I know, I know.”Fail to plan or plan to fail”. Fuck off.

I say “Focus on the plan and you can’t see the goal.”

Of course I’ve never actually said that out loud. And I do see that some complex projects do require a plan to make sure things come together. But  for most things isn’t it enough to say

  1. That’s a great idea
  2. Let’s do it

And key to my planning is Now. Don’t put it off by making the perfect plan. It’s usually better to have something ‘good enough’ today rather than something ‘perfect’ next month. When you’ve already missed the boat.


4 Responses to “Planning is for wimps”

  1. Paulie Peach Says:

    So true so true..!

  2. michael Says:

    “Planning is for wimps”

    take that, other people’s parents!

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